Academic Resources

At SPBUNI (Saint Petersburg University of Science and Technology), the students’ success is a priority and therefore a vibrant academic community exists. In order for you to excel in your studies, we provide numerous tools that are aimed at empowering you as well as kindling your interest in research; these resources will facilitate you attainment of your academic objectives. At the same time, we also offer an all-inclusive range of services geared towards facilitating your achievement of set educational aims, igniting your curiosity about research, and helping you realize full potential. We aim to create an atmosphere of academic excellence and provide many resources for our students to foster their education at St. Petersburg University for Science and Technology (SPBUNI).

A Comprehensive Support System:

Dedicated Faculty and Staff: We have professors, instructors who are passionate about their subjects and committed to your educational development. This means that you will get personalized advice, mentoring or guidance on how to succeed in college from them.

State-of-the-Art Libraries: Use our huge collection of scholarly journals, books, electronic databases, and multimedia materials. There are well educated librarians who can help you with navigating the vast place and doing comprehensive research.

Advanced Computing Facilities: Get access to modern computer laboratories equipped with the latest software and hardware. SPBUNI offers tools for your studies whether it is specialized software for data analysis, engineering simulations or innovative design.

Writing Center: Improve your academic writing skills so that your work becomes outstanding. Our dedicated writing center provides workshops, online resources and individual consultations for improving your effective communication skills.

Career Services: Develop a successful post-graduation strategy. You can receive career advising, resume training sessions as well as networking events plus internships and job postings in our offices.

Creating a Dynamic Learning Atmosphere:

• Research Opportunities: Our reputed professors are conducting cutting-edge research. Take part in research projects, explore our state-of-the-art research centres and contribute to ground breaking discoveries.

• Student Clubs and Organizations: Meet fellow students who share your academic interests or passion. Include yourself in club activities, participate in academic contests, and be exposed to things that go beyond the walls of your classroom.

• International Exchange Programs: Increase your worldview and gain important international experience. It is also possible to look into exchange schemes with some prestigious universities throughout the world serving as a gateway into many different cultures.

• Disability Services: The SPBUNI always strives to create an inclusive learning environment. There are disability services available to ensure all students can access resources and support for their studies and can excel academically.

More academic resources:
Laboratories and research centers: Our state-of-the-art laboratories and research centers are equipped with the latest technologies and tools, enabling students and faculty to conduct innovative research in various disciplines.
Online Learning Platforms: SPBUNI uses modern technology to provide robust online learning platforms that provide flexibility and convenience to students as they engage with course material and collaborate with colleagues and faculty.
Student Support Services: We are committed to the success of our students by providing comprehensive support services including tutoring, mental health counseling and outreach services.
At SPBUNI, we believe in developing a culture of lifelong learning and providing students with the resources they need to achieve academic and professional success.


To help you cope with the cost of your education, SPBUNI has a range of scholarships and financial aid programs that are designed just for you. We would like to ensure that finances do not become an obstacle in achieving your academic goals. Let us partner with you to close the funding gap and make your education dreams come true.


Come and check out our vast array of academic resources, interact with our dedicated professors and staff while benefiting from everything SPBUNI can provide. We are a community committed to your success in academia offering an enabling environment that is both nurturing and exciting thus enabling you excel in class work, ignite research interest as well as begin a fulfilling journey of knowledge acquisition. Enquire about these resources by contacting our office today so as to commence your pursuit for academic excellence.