Faculties and Departments

Discover the diverse academic landscape that defines our institution by exploring the rich tapestry of our faculties and departments. At Saint Petersburg University of Science and Technology, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive and engaging educational experience across a spectrum of disciplines.

Our faculties house accomplished scholars and experts who are passionate about imparting knowledge, fostering critical thinking, and nurturing the talents of our students. From the arts and humanities to the sciences, social sciences, and professional fields, each faculty plays a vital role in shaping well-rounded, informed individuals ready to make a positive impact in the world.

Navigate through the various departments to gain insights into the specialized areas of study offered at Saint Petersburg University of Science and Technology. Whether you are interested in delving into the complexities of cutting-edge research, exploring practical applications in professional fields, or engaging in the vibrant discussions in the humanities, our departments provide the foundation for academic excellence.

Join us in celebrating the intellectual diversity and collaborative spirit that characterize our university. The Faculties and Departments page is your gateway to understanding the depth and breadth of academic opportunities available at Saint Petersburg University of Science and Technology. Thank you for being a part of our academic community, where learning knows no bounds.