Research Opportunities for Students

Imagine a place where the seeds of curiosity are nurtured into the fruits of discovery, where the hallways echo with the whispers of tomorrow’s science and technology. Welcome to the Saint Petersburg University of Science and Technology (SPBUNI), your gateway to a world where research is not just an activity, but a journey of wonder and achievement.

Embark on Your Voyage of Discovery

At SPBUNI, we believe that the student’s role in research is not just beneficial, but essential to the tapestry of education. We offer a treasure trove of opportunities for you to embark upon:

Undergraduate Research Programs

  • Summer Research Internships: Dive into the deep end of full-time research, where the warm summer months are a canvas for your creativity, mentored by the guiding stars of our faculty.
  • Independent Study Projects: Chart your own course in the vast ocean of knowledge, guided by the lighthouse of a faculty advisor, and earn the currency of academic credit.

Postgraduate Research Initiatives

  • Master’s Thesis Projects: Contribute fresh streams of thought to your field, crafting a master’s thesis that stands as a beacon of new knowledge.
  • Doctoral Research Fellowships: Embark on a groundbreaking quest in your doctoral studies, propelled by fellowships that recognize the spark of your potential.

State-of-the-Art Resources: Your Tools for Exploration

To support your odyssey, SPBUNI offers access to:

  • Modern Laboratories: Step into our labs, akin to an alchemist’s sanctum, equipped with the latest technological oracles essential for pioneering research.
  • Research Libraries: Our libraries are treasure troves, rich with the lore of books, journals, and databases to inform and elevate your scholarly quests.
  • Technology Transfer Office: Navigate the waters from discovery to application with our compass of patenting assistance and commercialization guidance.

Collaborative and Interdisciplinary Environment: A Confluence of Minds

SPBUNI is a crucible of collaboration, encouraging a melting pot of interdisciplinary research:

  • Research Groups and Teams: Forge alliances with peers and faculty, working on collective quests that span the spectrum of disciplines.
  • Interdepartmental Seminars: Engage in seminars that are crossroads of diverse fields, igniting conversations and sparking innovation.

Funding and Support: Wind in Your Sails

We are steadfast in our commitment to support your scholarly endeavors, both financially and academically:

  • Research Grants and Scholarships: Seek out funding designed to bolster the winds behind student researchers’ sails.
  • Academic Conferences: Present your discoveries on the grand stage of national and international conferences, with SPBUNI’s financial banner flying high behind you.

Professional Development: Sharpening Your Compass

Hone your research skills and professional edge:

  • Workshops and Training Sessions: Attend workshops that are akin to guilds, enhancing your methodologies, academic writing, and presentation prowess.
  • Career Services: Chart your future with resources for career navigation and opportunities to connect with the guildmasters of industry.

Join the SPBUNI Research Community: Your Crew Awaits

Whether you’re stepping aboard for the first time or you’re a seasoned navigator of research, SPBUNI is your steadfast ally. We invite you to set sail on the opportunities, embrace the swells of challenges, and contribute to the ocean of knowledge that defines our university.

This page is your map to the comprehensive overview of the research opportunities available to students at SPBUNI, fostering an environment rich with the spirit of discovery and professional growth.

Start Exploring

Uncover the exciting world of research, innovation, and sustainability at Saint Petersburg University of Science and Technology. Explore the myriad research initiatives, partnerships, centers, resources, and opportunities available to our academic community. Your journey to making a meaningful impact begins here, and we’re honored to have you as part of it.